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Mr.Chow Liquor Store | The Liquor Behind Popular Cocktails
Mr.Chow Liquor Store | The Liquor Behind Popular Cocktails

The Liquor Behind Popular Cocktails

Last updated: 8 November 2022 


[Did you know? Whiskies, rums, brandies, vodkas, gins, and tequilas are the base of most (if not all) popular cocktails!]


In front of every bar counter, there is always a Mr.Chow. Behind a successful cocktail, there is always liquor. Let’s take a look at popular cocktails and the liquor that has made them so.

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The taste of whiskies differs depending on the grains they are made from. And because whisky flavour profiles pattern banyak, it has become a staple liquor in the world of cocktails. 

Different types of whiskies each bring unique characters to the cocktail they’re used in. 

Bourbon whisky’s sweet, oaky aromas play well in a refreshing Mint Julep on a hot day. Rye whisky adds a peppery smack and spicy finish to the sweet vermouth in a Manhattan

The flavour of whisky in an Old Fashioned shines through in the mix of bitters, sugar, and an orange slice that gives the cocktail a classic and almost nostalgic flavour.

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Distilled from sugar canes, rum is known for its clean and sweet flavour, all while being smooth and rich. 

This is why it is used in most sweet cocktails to complement ingredients such as limes and tropical fruits. 

Some of these include the Daiquiri, Mojito, Hurricane, and Piña Colada

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Brandy is a distilled spirit made from processing fruit juice and pulp, leaving the liquor with the fruity softness of sweet wine and the strong oak nuances of whisky. 

The Sidecar is made with a mixture of fresh lemon juice, orange Cointreau liqueur, and a sweet and tart cognac (a type of brandy) to balance the cocktail’s sour delights. 

Additionally, Brandy is added to a Brandy Alexander to complement its rich and creamy texture, creating a blend of harmonious flavours. 

Cognac is also added into the Vieux Carré (vee-oh-car-ay), mixed with rye whisky with sweet and bitter additions for a complex but well-rounded cocktail.

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Vodka’s general lack of a distinct taste makes it one of the most versatile and mixable liquors. It has a clear and clean taste and is an ideal base for light fruit flavours.

The fizzy tanginess of a Moscow Mule is softened with vodka to create the perfect balance. 

The neutrality of vodka perfectly spikes an otherwise plain but classic Screwdriver without altering the sweetness of the orange. 

The classiest, prettiest girl you know in cocktail form – the Cosmopolitan with sweet, fruity notes of cranberry and orange liqueur is also mellowed by the one, the only vodka. 

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A liquor with herbal flavours and notes of citrus and spices—mainly pine from juniper. Most cocktails today use the full, naturally-flavoured London Dry as the preferred base choice.

Gin’s piney flavours inspired the Negroni cocktail, which initially used club soda in the Americano instead of gin to ease the bitter intensity. 

More zesty cocktails such as Tom Collins and the iconic Gin & Tonic also uses gin and its herby, summery flavours as a base.

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Tequila can be described as smooth, sweet, and earthy if aged. But the liquor generally has a neutral taste, opening itself up to numerous flavour pairings in cocktails, especially tangy or fruity cocktails, to add a silkier mouthfeel. 

Margarita is the best-known tequila cocktail, and adding tequila to one smoothens the drink and adds a hint of sweetness to the citrus cocktail.  

Similarly, tequila highlights its perfect pairing with grapefruit in a Paloma and the bold and dazzling notes of lime, black currant, and ginger in an El Diablo.

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Be Your Own Bartender

With some internet searching and alcohol supply from Mr.Chow’s online liquor store, you’ll be bartender status in no time! 

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For order over RM450 within Peninsular Malaysia.


Low prices & value for money in one place.


We guarantee all products are 100% authentic, original & genuine